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Prayer to set yourself free from hardship. Father, thank you for your faithfulness.

Father, every prayer I’m going to pray this morning, answer by your glory

1. Prayer from a determined or desperate heart answers by fire.

When some situations change in a man’s life, his name and status change.

**Every situation that has stigmatized or changed your identity, today God will change them!

You must be ready to pray while fasting.

There are some things people have known with us.

After this article program your introduction will change.

2. Prayer from a painful heart. 1 Samuel.1:6.

Any tear shed that is not on the altar of prayer is a wasted tear.

When you are in pains learn to talk to God in prayer concerning your issues.

If you pray when your heart is bittered, your prayers will be answered by fire.

Anytime you discovered things are causing pain in your heart, kneel down and pray.

Judges.16:21-30. Don’t pray wrongly when in pains.

Be careful the kind of prayers you pray when your heart is in pains.

Prayer to set yourself free from hardship

3. Prayer from a clean and pure heart. Psalm.24:3-4.

If you want your prayers to be answered by fire, it must come from a clean and pure heart.

A lot of us, our hearts are contaminated and full of wickedness, yet we want God to answer our prayers by fire.

Remember, prayer is an offering.

God is not in search of those that will come and waste His time.

Search through your heart.

What are those abnormalities?

God does not look at your attires but your heart.

You need to drop everything and allow God to clean up your heart.

4. Prayer from a heart that is full of faith. Mark.11:24.

If your faith is not attached, then your prayers cannot be answered.

What you believe is what you see.

Until you have faith that your prayers will be answered, then it cannot be answered.

It is possible to pray without faith. Acts.12.

5. When your prayer is jammed together with mercy, then it will be answered.

Lets pray God have mercy on us, because when the Mercy of the Lord is on us, and you are able to pray in a loud voice without disturbing anybody, your prayer will surely be answered. Prayer to set yourself free from hardship

6. Prayer that is attached with cheerful giving. 1 Kings.3.

**Somebody will give you a blank cheque!

**You are receiving an additional blessing in Jesus name!

If you want to pray and receive answers to prayers, then your heart must be clean.

You have to surrender your life to Him.


1. Lord, please cleanse my heart with your blood.

2. Father, every problem that people have used to stigmatize my life, let them be consumed by fire.

3. Father, every situation that has changed my original identity, let them be dealt with now.

4. Father, by fire by thunder, let the timetables of the enemies concerning me be destroyed.

5. Father, every assignment of the devil in the life and family of my neighbor let them be terminated by fire.

6. Father, every tree of non-achievement that has been planted in the life and family of my neighbor whether spiritual or physical, let them be uprooted by fire.

7. Father, every spiritual vehicle employed against the life of my neighbor let them crash by fire.

8. Father, before the end of this month wipe away my tears, turn my sorrows into joy.

Try to pray these Prayer to set yourself free from hardship. And if you feel things are nothing the way its supposed to be. You can email me on

May God be there for us in times of need, And may he answer our prayers in Jesus Mighty name.


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