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Sex Questions

Is it possible for a man to have sex everyday. Am going to ask some questions with their answers before answering the main question. Which is “is it possible for a man to have sex everyday “

1.Why do we need Sex?

Here are reasons why we engage ourselves in sexual activities.

Actual reasons: Pleasure, stress alleviation, work out, sexual interest, or fascination with an individual. Objective based reasons: To make a child, work on economic wellbeing (for instance, to become famous), or look for vengeance. Enthusiastic reasons: Love, responsibility, or appreciation

2.Do people require sex?

Sex is not really necessary in our everyday life’s. We just make it  a priority. That is why some people believe its a everyday routine.

However, not at all like eating or dozing, you can go for what seems like forever without sex and not be any more awful off for it. The truth of the matter is, as people, we’ve really advanced to utilize sex to meet our mental necessities, not our actual requirements.

3.How sex mean to a man?

To a man, having sexual intercourse implies that he can move a lady, that he’s lively, a supplier and a darling. Essentially, your Man needs to be a hero, and he positively needs you to see him in that light. At the point when he fulfills you physically, he feels like superman.

4. Who need more sex male or female?

Men look for sex all the more at all time.

“Men need sex more frequently than ladies toward the beginning of a relationship, in it, and after numerous long periods of it,” But for women, they only enjoin sex with their loved, but don’t really need it.

5. For what reason do men need sex to such an extent?


Psychotherapist, Esther Perel, says the explanation men appear to be fixated on sex is that they experience it uniquely in different ladies. “For ladies, it is more with regards to the expectation and how you arrive. It is the aching that is the fuel for want. Ladies’ craving is more layered on feeling,” she says.

6. Is sex really great for your skin?

Sex upholds young, graceful skin.

“Estrogen builds collagen creation, skin thickness, and hyaluronic corrosive creation, giving skin an energetic and graceful appearance,” Barr tells mbg. Furthermore, climaxes discharge oxytocin, which brings down feelings of anxiety

7. How do men feel after sex?

Almost 50% of men report feeling miserable, irritated, and far off after sex. These sentiments are genuine and normal, and together they’re alluded to as post-coital dysphoria (PCD). In spite of the fact that there has for some time been proof of this peculiarity in ladies, the phosphorescence of sex can be to a greater extent a foreboding shadow for men, as well.

Is it possible for a man to have sex everyday

The answer to this question is No, Because No 1, God said Man shall not leave by bread alone. He is not talking of normal bread. Anything that you really enjoin doing or you make as priority, is what is called the Bread. Talking of sex. Reason why sex is not advisable to be performed everyday is that it weakens you. take away all your strength as a Man. Don’t forget you will Step out in the Morning and return late night for white collar job people. So I don’t think its advisable to engage in sexual activities everyday.

Best amount of time you should have sex in a week, if you are a sex maniac, and how to go about it

Eat good food…especially swallow, Heavy food….the likes of Apku, Amala, Eba, Semovita and so on, with healthy soup.
Take fruit juice….bananas smoothie and water melon and its kind….include ginger and garlic in your recipe…Do moderate exercise, jogging, squatting and push up…
Then as a man you can have nice sex 3 to 4 times in a week….and you will look fresh and healthy…
Having sex 3 to 4 times a week while applying all this rule will make sex very pleasurable for you. You will have the strength and ability to satisfy your partner.
Don’t forget to  get enough rest. All these build your testosterones level.
How would it be a good idea for you to treat yourself after sex?
Things You Should (and Shouldn’t) Do After Sex
Wash Up. You don’t need to jump up and into the shower immediately
Try not to Douche.
Keep Clean-up Simple
try to empty Your Bladder.
Drink a Glass of Water.
Wear Loose-Fitting Clothing.
Clean up.
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