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Questions to ask yourself before Breaking up a relationship. As we all know that relationship means when two or more people  are being connected in one way or the other. Am going to ask some questions you should put into consideration before opting out. And I assure you that you are on the track in getting what you want.

Ask yourself these question before taking any step

 1: Do you really want to end this relationship without anybody being hurt in the relationship?

 2:  how long have you been into the relationship?

 3:Have you been into a  serious relationship before?

 4: how is the relationship going presently?

 5: is it worth ending the relationship?

 6: have you thought about the future?

 7: Do your parent or sibling approve the relationship?

 8: are you truthful in the relationship?

 9: what is the normal cause of fight and sadness in the relationship.

 10: do your chemistry match on a scale of 1 to 10

11: is it by force?

 12: can you break the relationship and rebuild it again?

 13: is your ex involve in the relationship a little

 14: are you tolerance of each other

 15:  after going back to the relationship is it possible its gonna be strong like the later?

 16: is it easy to make up your mind?

 17: is it money or love that talk about the relationship?

 18: do you share each other future?

 19: do you mind double dating?

20: can you stand a cheating partner?

 21: can you forgive easily?

 22: do love too deep or you are a shallow lover?

 23: are you getting more peace than sorrow or the reverse?

 24: Are you the Jealous type?

 25: do your zodiac sign compactible?

 26: can you leave your love and marry your partner?

 27: do you believe you can do without your partner?

 28: who do you put first in your relationship?

 29: do you accept disrespect in your relationship?

 30: Is apology really necessary in a relationship?

 31: is your partner supportive?

 32: does your partner recognize your family?

 33: after an argument who apologies first?

 34: are you holy enough to judge your partner?

 35: do you share common hobbies at your leisure time?

 36: what does he or she does to make one happy?

 37: is she a wife material?

 38: can you vouch for him or her?

 39: are you deceptive or secretive?

 40: does your instinct tells you she or he is the one?

 41: why did I dated him or her at the first place?

 42: is she or he romantic?

 43: do you put God first in your relation ship?

 44: do you have anger issue?

 45: can you make your partner be happy for no reason?

Questions to ask yourself before Breaking up a relationship

Yes, these are the question  you should ask yourself before ending a relationship.

If you answer it correctly. Am sure you should know the right step to take.

Relationship is a very exposed and emotional act that can make you or break you. But I tell you the truth anything that cannot kill you will make you stronger. This is the saying of the wise. Being in a relationship is just like being in another world with an entire person. Relationship also need trust and commitment. Can you end a relationship without being hurt? Questions to ask yourself before Breaking up a relationship

Well I don’t have answer to that now. it depends on you

So now am going to explain how to end a relationship without anyone being hurt.

Definitely you will get hurt, but there are some steps you must take to avoid being hurt and it must be vice versa

Step 1

create breathing space

That means that you guys should give your self break for some time like for 2 weeks to a month. with that am very sure that you reducing the pain of the future. during the time of spacing, try to figure out what the problem is. put yourself together and do not call or chat just be yourself. get some time consuming task to complete.

Step 2

Get some female friends

, go close to family and close friends. Girls are companion and vice versa.

so when you are trying to end a relationship , get a close friend especially a female or a male so you can hang around and talk about nature and things happening around the world

Step 3

Get closer to God

he is the peace maker. I tell you the truth no matter how deep you love your partner and you opt for break up which you know will seriously hurt you, my dear brother or sister, the church is your hospital.

Step 4

Stay away from your partner,

Block every means of communication either call or social media. it will save you more stress and will make you worry less.

If you are breaking up with your partner, try to be considerate how the the relationship to end.  Always think about how you will be treated if you are heart broken. The good thing is that break up can be good for us, because it can actually allow us to finally let out those emotion that we have been holding for too long. And it actually allow us to let go of relationship that cause us more harm than good.


When to break up

It can be hard to know when to break up with someone and when to end a long-term relationship. Maybe they cheat on you, or you cheat on them, and that’s just it. But deciding to break up can also be really bloody difficult sometimes. Especially if they haven’t done anything particularly awful, and it’s more that you’re just not 100 per cent happy. And, even after you’ve tried everything to make it work, you can still have that feeling of uncertainty and doubt. So how are you suppose to know when to break up from a long-term relationship.

Unless your relationship is actively unhealthy, people often feel guilty for wanting to end a relationship. So, these women explain how they knew when to break up with their long-term partners. Hopefully it will give you some comfort if you’re going through the same thing. Questions to ask yourself before Breaking up a relationship.

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