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Why Men Fake Orgasms. Pretending to orgasm isn’t inherently good or bad, it really depends on why you’re doing it.

If it’s because you’re tired from all the sex you’ve had all night, I can’t blame you. In fact, good for you.

Faking sexual fireworks is typically a harmless white lie, but while it’s commendable that you don’t want to hurt your partner’s feelings, open and honest communication should always be the key to good sex.

Faking it can have the unwanted consequence of reinforcing the ‘orgasmic imperative’ (the idea that sex is sex only if it ends in orgasm) or, for that matter, that sex is over only when the man finishes, which is misogynist bollocks.

It also reinforces gendered expectations that set the foundations for toxic masculinity in a society that already prizes the male orgasm over the reality of sexual pleasure.

Though there’s something comforting about knowing that sometimes it doesn’t happen to men either, sex should be enjoyable for all parties involved.

If you’re faking because the sex is bad, it’s in everyone’s best interest to speak up, especially if you’d like to have sex with this person again.

That doesn’t mean shutting someone down and criticizing them, but rather, suggesting a different position, rhythm, or act.

Saying something like ‘let’s try doing this…’ or ‘I like it when you do that…’ is a great way to guide your partner towards a happy ending.

Chancing a little bit of awkwardness is always better than giving them the wrong impression of what gets you off and risking more disappointment in the future.

There’s nothing wrong with not reaching orgasm – after all sex shouldn’t just be a means to an end. Thinking you should always finish only puts more performance anxiety on yourself. Why Men Fake Orgasms

So guys, if you’re not feelin’ it, just say so.

The reasons why Men fake orgasm

1. To make haste with a delayed orgasm. Averagely, data show that men tend to take about five to seven minutes from penetration to climax. If a man believes he’s taking too long, he may decide it’s best to fake the orgasm and get the sexual act over.
2. To conceal premature ejaculation. Some men pretend to have an orgasm as a form of premature ejaculation.

3. To preserve his pride. For men who lose an erection during sex or sense, they won’t be able to have an orgasm, it might be easier to fake the orgasm than to talk about why it didn’t occur.
4. To please his partner. A man faking an orgasm might be worried that his partner is uncomfortable due to the length of intercourse. He might also be concerned that his partner will feel hurt if they stop sex before the orgasm.
5. To abide by the “rules.” Some couples have a certain idea about how sexual intercourse will play out. Researchers theorize that some men can’t think of another way for sex to end other than an earth-shattering orgasm, so they end up faking it if it doesn’t happen naturally.
6. To get things over with. Occasionally, men have sex with their partner for the partner’s sake — but since they aren’t really into it, they end up faking an orgasm to resolve the situation.




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