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Reasons why your Partner cheats on you. Find out the reason why your partner decides to cheat on you if truly cheating is not your partner’s nature. There are many circumstances that make a partner cheat either for selfish interest or for fun

1. Financial stability.

When you are financially unstable, forget it, she will definitely cheat on you. After even trying her best to keep it real with you, because of finance, she will definitely look for a greener pasture. It takes only the Grace of God for your partner to be with you during trying times without cheating. So cheating in some relationships is because of finance and nothing more.

2. If your partner libido is too high

Everyone reading this knows exactly what am talking about. If your partner’s libido is very high, there is a possibility that your partner may try to please himself/herself even after the did have been done. Dating a partner with high libido usually suffers cheating in a relationship.

3. You are not romantic

What makes relationships very interesting? It’s been romantic and caring. Even after being caring, if you are not romantic, there is a possibility that your partner may try to look through the window. And if unlucky for you, there is someone out there, then, there is a possibility that your partner will cheat on you or is cheating on you. That is if it’s someone that loves being romanced. Thus when your partner finds someone who has that gift or let me say who understands romance, then your partner will definitely cheat on you even if your partner still loves you.

4. You don’t learn to say sorry

Being hard or raising your ego high can make your partner cheat on you. If you are not good at saying SORRY, then your relationship is at risk of falling apart. When there is a terrible argument, and everyone goes to bed without apologizing, your partner might take your problem out so that he/she may get a consoler. If that continuously happens, then your partner may decide to play a game.

5. You believe that your partner should first come for settlement

If you cannot settle a dispute amicably with your partner, then someone else will settle it for you. After a fight without settlement, your partner may decide to go to the bar or beach to clear his/her head. And if unlucky for you, your partner finds someone to talk to, then cheating in the relationship is near.

6. You don’t trust your partner

When you don’t trust your partner in a relationship, there is a tendency that, your partner may tend just play around in the relationship. Having the feeling to engage in intimacy with a stranger because your partner already has that feeling of no trust. So there is nothing to worry about even when caught cheating. Reasons why your Partner cheats on you. Reasons why your Partner cheats on you

7.You don’t have time for your partner

Everyone loves a companion in a relationship. Companionship is very important in a relationship. It makes you and your partner very close, and it makes understanding easier. When you don’t have time for your partner, your partner may tend to get a companion which can be very risky in a relationship. When you are needed the most, you are nowhere to be found, it’s either you go partying with friends or you give one excuse or the other. If this persists for a long time, Then your partner will or may get an alternative.

8. You are not fun to be with

Always not keeping a happy face. When you are always dull, it can lead to misunderstanding. Your partner may keep pondering to know what is going on in your mind. This can lead to poor relationships. You don’t fascinate the same things. You don’t watch movies together, dance together, go to the beach together. What a boring life. If at all, you find out that your way of life is totally different, you can try to change your partner. At least it’s not really hard to do. If one of you loves the partying and clubbing lifestyle, then there is a probability that your partner is cheating on you.

9. You criticize your partner

Criticism is not good in a relationship, except if its fun for the both of you. The truth is when you criticize your partner, you make them dull and shy. And if this continues, your partner may encounter someone who will make them feel special. And when this begins to happen. The relationship may still remain, but your partner may be enjoying the new special treatment he/she gets outside the game.

10. You don’t frequently communicate

Communication is the worst of them all. When there is no communication in a relationship. It tends to tear apart easily. You have not heard from your partner, and you never even tried calling or knowing your partner where about. No morning and night text messages. You don’t even care. If your partner gets someone who will do that consistently, your partner may tend to lose guard.

What is your say on these? drop your comment below let’s hear what you have to say concerning a cheating partner. Do you think you should just quit the relationship or just keep playing around?

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