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Well it just hit me now that more than most people are still single because of one problem or the other. You want to feel the vibe, you want to get excited you want to understand what real relationship is all about. But to all your findings, you find it impossible to get all this excited moments. Well i must let you know that you are in the right place. I will personally tell you Reasons why you are still single

Am going to list some reason why you are still single, and if you fall to that category why you are still single then you have to listen and listen attentively. Reasons why you are still single

1. You Ignore

This is where its start from. You tend not to focus that you have start to age. Getting older may seem fun if you are in a relationship, and it may be terrible if you fall in the wrong relationship. ignoring about relationship is one thing you should get over. check out your age group, for the ones in a relationship, or check out some members of your family who you are peer group. Then from there you should know the right thing to do. sometimes ignoring might not be your priority, but come on you have to add some good attitude while ignoring. Here is a brief way of ignoring with some courtesy. When someone say Hi to you, try as much as you can to reply in a friendly way, so at least you can keep a good reputation.

2.You are scared to fall again.

Don’t be scared to fall again if you don’t want to remain single. If you have been in love before and it comes out to be that you were not lucky, do not let the situation to be a barrier to you. Start a new life and forget about your past life. Have faith and believe that everything will work out.

3.You don’t want to spend

Some people decide to be single because they are not ready to do some unnecessary 2k. But its that really a reason to ignore being in a relationship? These is one of the main reason why some guys run away from relationship. They believe that it will make them spend unnecessary. But the truth is that if you don’t have have a stable finance, there is no need of engaging yourself in relationship. You can just try to build up with someone who understand you and is willing to wait for you. But that depends if you know what you are doing in life to keep body and soul together.

4.You haven’t meet the right person.

This is always true, because when the right person comes, you don’t have any option than to succumb. being with the right person will make you feel like everything turns up right. So i believe that you being single is because the right person has not showed up yet. Reasons why you are still single

5.They weren’t ready

even if you try not to be single, there may be some reason that will just let you ignore about relationship. They weren’t ready even though you are. so because of that you decided to stay single. am i right? That is another Reasons why you are still single have prioritized other things.

You have made your work or carrier as priority. So because of that you choose not to put relationship matter in your head. But the best thi9ng to do is to create a schedule and balance life between relationship and your carrier.

7.You have a high standard

This applies to most single ladies. They always crave for high standard. the likes of , i need a guy who is tall and has dimples, i need a guy who has his personal house, or a guy who has a car and their likes. This silly tricks make you still single unknowing to you. Reasons why you are still single

8.You are a perfectionist

Who is a perfectionist? While high achievers take pride in their accomplishments and tend to be supportive of others, perfectionists tend to spot mistakes and imperfections. They hone in on imperfections and have trouble seeing anything else. They’re more judgmental and hard on themselves and on others when “failure” does occur. So most of the time, perfectionist are mostly single. Because they are hard to please.

11.You have learned from other people mistake

Well, it is said that seeing is believing, maybe you have encountered a friend of family member of yours who has gone through relationship crisis. So you tend to learn from their mistake and you become scared to get into a relationship.

12.You don’t really want a relationship in the mean time.

Maybe you are really busy trying to put one and one together to make hence meet. Therefore you may not really care about settling down. That should be one of the reason why you are still single

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