Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

prayer for end of the year stroke new year

The year is running to an end, so therefore there are many prayers needed. You will need so much prayer for leaving all your bad habit, and prayer for good habit. Prayer for end of the year stroke new year

Much thanks to you, dear God, for carrying us to the furthest limit of one more year.

We don’t underestimate this!

Thank you kindly for your integrity, benevolent actions, for your ceaseless and unfailing affection.

Much thanks to you for the endowment of three more day!

Now and then things happen that simply don’t sound good to us.

In any case, we believe that even amidst our inquiries, God is as yet on the lofty position, and all power belong to GOD. He loves us beyond what anybody can tell, and beyond what we could even start to imagine.

Am asking today for everybody all around the world who has been…

Discouraged, mishandled, mistreated, oppressed, tortured, or denied equity.

Appealing to God for every individual who has been wiped out in the body or in the brain.

Petitioning God for every individual who has felt misheard, abused or misconstrued.

Petitioning God for each and every individual who may want to surrender under any circumstance whatsoever. (Try to surrender!). Prayer for end of the year stroke new year

Asking additionally for every one of the people who have lost friends and family somehow.

Please God, kindly mend each wrecked heart, recover us inside and out, mend our damages and mend our agony.

Help us remember that we can do all things through Christ who gives us strength. (Philippians 4:13)

You urge us to continue to appeal to you God for other people, and we realize that you hear us!

Kindly, put your arms around each and every individual who is in pain, and mend all of us.

We beg you to make a way where there is by all accounts no chance to get out. (God will make a way!)

Dear Lord, kindly, show us all how to consistently

Love another,

Help each other,

Serve each other,

Respecting and Glorifying You in everything we do.

Thank you for bringing us securely to the final stage of this current year!

We are GRATEFUL Lord!

By your effortlessness and strong power, we will continue to opt for happiness. We will continue to pick appreciation. We will continue believing God and continue to focus on God – God is dedicated to anything he says he would do. And God is yet in charge!

“Be still, and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!” Psalm 46:10

Prayers for end of the year

1.God thank you for bringing us to the end of the year

2.God remove anything in my life that was not so from the beginning, stealing, lying, smoking, womanizing, masturbation, envies, jealousy.

3.As we enter this new year, let you favor shine on us where ever we go, let men and women favor us, boys and girls, old men and old women favor us in Jesus mighty name.

4.As we enter this new year, let us go every where we want to go in peace and safety, let there be accident free, arm robber free, hijackers free and pirate free.

5.Provide and give my family and friends their heart desire.

6.Provide for the needy, give hope to the hopeless, provide job for the jobless, give child to the barren, and send your word to heal the sick.

If you believe , you will receive. Your believe is who you are.

An article by Ibrahim yusuf Henry

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