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3 things to focus on to lose body weight. In this article, you will understand the step by step process on  how to lose body weight.

Reducing weight is not really about all about exercising or going to the gym regularly. Its more than that, because some unseen circumstance can weigh you down. The most unfortunate word responsible for this is “PROCRASTINATION”. “Which we all know that is the act of ignoring the right thing to do until the last minute or dead line”. I think this is one of the barrier that is stopping you from loosing weight. Am going to explain 3 things to focus on to lose body weight.

Question to ask yourself before engaging in the losing of your body weight

  • Why do you want to reduce weight? According to the underground research taken by GidiExplosive/Ibrahim’s Survey during the weekend workout with 80% of over sized people. The main reason for wanting to lose body weight is the ability to live a healthy life.
  • How can I overcome setback to achieve weight lose?
  1. Think long term, 2 to 3 month.
  2.  Take it one step at a time. studies show that people who lose weight gradually and take their time are more successful at losing weight.
  3. Set small Goals.
  4. Always see the big pictures.
  5.  Put a watch on your progress and adjust as needed.

This is the question you are suppose to ask yourself before engaging in loosing weight routine. Because I tell you the truth, if you want to engage in loosing weight routine  its not a day job. You must be ready and sure to make up your mind.

3 things to focus on to lose body weight

1. Motivational speaker

Well these are the best people so far that will make you reach your destination. Because without them, then the journey is gonna be a little bit tough. well this may look too easy . But am telling you the truth it is the most important of them all. Because these people tells you true life story that they experience or that they have experienced.

When you listen to motivational speakers who talks about exercise, it changes your mind set and motivate you. The more you listen or watch their videos on YouTube or any social media form, you will definitely get encouraged. Because you will see someone who has a more body size than you, but after motivational talk, intense work out and good healthy eating habit. You will notice that they lose enough calories bringing them to their recent shape.

here are some motivation quotes for people who want to lose weight

No pain No gain

Sweat it out and feel the heat

Burn it out

Never Give up,

Commitment goes hand in hand with motivation. If you are committed you can be motivated and if you are motivated you can be committed. So therefore therefore the way you can be committed is to be motivated. 3 things to focus on to lose body weight

how can you be committed to exercise so that you can lose weight?

3 things to focus on to lose body weight

Listen attentively to motivational speaker, get a mentor and follow him on any of his page, you will get so many message to inspire yourself.

speak to yourself, set goals for yourself, dream of getting there no matter what.

You may weigh 300Lbs but i assure you that when you get committed, you have lose a kg immediately. just the mindset is enough to get you what you want. Then follow the rules of weight losing.

How to lose weight when involving commitment. The answer is just simple and straight.. SET A GOAL!!

Check your current status of weight. Exercise for a week or two after burning so much calories, weigh yourself again.

Do you think you will remain the same? if Yes, comment in the box below. and i will surely be of help to you.

2. Nutrition/ Eating Habit

losing weight is just as easy as cake. All you need to do is just follow the rules.  Watch your eating habit, because that is the real source of weight gain. Even if you did not engage yourself in exercise, eating habit will change you completely. Imagine not eating for a week or two, i know its almost possible. that means that when you work on your eating habit adding up with your exercise routine, then you should probably be able to burn calories and lose weight.

Below are the tips to lose weight

1. Before any meal try drinking (17ounce) of water that is like half a liter of water. Metabolism works faster.

2. Eggs can be good in losing of weight. If you don’t believe you can try doing some research.

3. Drink Black coffee or  replace it with Green tea. They have small quantity of caffeine that contain antioxidant that are believed to work synergistically to enhance the burning of fat.

4. Try engaging in fasting. This is the best help you can get. Imagine you were rehabilitated for 3 weeks for feeding and exercise. How do you think you will look like after being released? Maybe rehabilitation center should be organized for obese people.

5. Reduce sugar intake. Sugar is the best friend to weight gain. So if you want to lose weight, unfriend your sugar with weight. Check it out, most junky food contains carb.

6. Use Smaller plate and thank me later. Using smaller plates means eating less. Let the quantity of your meal reduce or you eat twice a day.

7. Time your feeding habit. Eat in the morning and Afternoon, then take more of fruit and vegetable in the evening. this will aid easy digestion of food taken during the day time.

8. Eat/ Chew slowly. It reduces the quantity food eaten which is registered by the brain. Because the brain work with time, at least you wont want to eat a food for 1 hour. But when you eat slowly, you eat less.

9. Trying to lose weight without battling food addiction is a waste of time. Battle your food addiction.

10. Take supplement to help reduce weight. Spicy food can aids in faster metabolism which burns calories too.

3. Engage in Exercise

In my previous Article, I talked about exercise and weight lose. Engaging in multiple program in exercise can be very helpful for losing weight. But don’t engage in lifting dead lift and heavy squat, because it might discourage you. It is not advisable for people who want to lose weight. Exercise like running, jogging, sit-up, and the likes are friendly exercise to oversized people. If you are committed to these exercise at least 1 hour a day, you will definitely feel the impact. And surely yes, you will burn calories because that is the goal. Exercise is very essential for the body, because it removes anything that is not wanted in the body. Exercise is one big Diagnosis to the body. These is one of the 3 things to focus on to lose body weight.

Benefits of losing weight

1.Your energy level increase. You will be energetic

2. lowered Cholesterol level

3. Reduced Blood pressure, and an improved breathing

4. It reduce aches, pains and some inflammation

5. Improved mobility. That is you can walk for a long distance, climb hills, steps etc.

6. Increased self esteem and confidence

7. Decreased risk of sudden death from heart disease

Final Thought

Many people start a loss weight program, because they want to be physically fit. Dropping your weight is not really easy. But when you have a mentor or you are following a particular person on Instagram, Facebook and other social media, it should be much more easier for you.

3 things to focus on to lose body weight


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