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Hello my name is Ibrahim Yusuf Henry. I want to publish this article based on the health benefit i personally gain from exercise. Am going to explain extensively on some best health Benefits of exercise.

There are many benefit of exercise based on how you act towards it. Ranging from easy exercise to strength and intense exercise. We have social benefits of exercise, mental benefits of exercise, scientific benefits of exercise long term benefits of exercise. Best health benefits of Exercise are explained vividly here in this article.

Exercise can be done at any time of the day. It can be done either in the morning, noon or nigh. But am sure that exercise has different impact based on time and weather.

Am going to explain extensively to you the best health benefits of Exercise

1.Exercise boost your appetite:

Exercise increase appetite because the body burns a lot of calories as you exercise. in the process it stimulates appetite to make up for burnt calories. when you exercise it create hunger which will definitely make you hungry, and you would like to take something to make you feel good.

The stimulus of exercise provides valuable metabolic action that lead to energy improvement and maintain macronutrient balance regulation. But according to research the type of exercise you choose to do affects your appetite. A long swim, intense running can leave you hungry. But slight exercise may just not give you appetite.

2. Exercise reduce your smoking level and it kills addiction:

Yes I said it. Smoking affects many part of our body including our physical looks and endurance. If you smoke you get less oxygen in your heart, lungs and muscle. This will reduce your physical fitness. This will result in the inability to pump blood to all or some part of your body. Exercise reduce smoking and it kills addiction.

Smoking versus Exercise  

What you get when you smoke, {the good feeling} is what regular exercise will give you after doing  intense exercise. Smoking and exercise cannot go hand in hand, especially when you are jogging or swimming. You get some cracked voice and some gathering of mucus in your throat as a smoker.

Exercise is not a friend to that. Because when you engage yourself in  exercise for a week or two, while exercising you will keep coughing and all those mucus will keep popping out. The same happens when you want to swim, you will not be able to breath well. So if you want to do exercise stop smoking. And if you cannot stop smoking keep exercising and am telling you the truth for free, the smoking habit will disappear. maybe you can check some prominent athlete and check their background and see whether they smoke.

best health benefits of Exercise

3.Exercise improve your mood:

Exercise increase Endorphins, Dopamine and Adrenaline and endocannabinoid, these are all brain chemicals that is associated with feelin good, feeling confident, feeling less anxiety. Usually within 5 minute after moderate exercise you get good mood effect. it can also reduce immune system chemical that can increase depression. lastly exercise improve mental health by reducing anxiety and it has been known to alleviate low esteem syndrome and social withdrawal. so the more you Exercise the better good mood you get and you will always have a smiley face.

4.Exercise level up your Energy, strength, stamina and endurance:

A strength exercise is any activity that makes your muscle work harder than usual. This increases your muscle strength, size power and endurance. The activity involve using your body weight or working against resistance . Examples of exercise that develop strength and stamina includes, weight lifting, squatting, and resistance such as running cycling and climbing of hills, press ups, dumb bell row.

These exercise makes you stronger and fitter, it helps you to develop better body metabolism. So as far as exercise related with endurance is concerned, Endurance refer to the ability of a muscle to undergo repeated contraction against a set for a period of time.

5.Exercise cure some disease and health condition:

Exercise will surely cure you of much sickness. because engaging in daily routine can increase immune strength, and make your heart rate beat Moderate. it strengthen the heart giving it more energy to pump so much blood to all part of the body. Talking about the Devil himself… DIABETIS as we all know that these disease is a crazy disease, because its associated with almost all the food taken to our body, especially carbohydrate , junk food, ice-cream, sugar and almost everything eatable you can talk about. but Exercise the God sent has come to deliver from the the threat of DIABETIS.

Best exercise benefits

Regular exercise can help insulin more effectively lower your blood sugar level. and one thing again the blood circulating it is weak, but when you do regular exercise, it strengthen the vain that carry the blood which at during exercise is very hot, it then heat the body which will now produce heat, producing heat now is definitely removing sugar from your body. Because we all know that sugar on a normal don’t like heat.

Asthma and other health issue

Asthma is another health condition that exercise can regulate and control. Engaging in so much exercise can control asthma as asthma is closely related to breathing and definitely exercise control your breathing system. Can also cure some back health condition like back pain, Arthritis, cancer, Dementia. engaging in exercise activities like running, jugging, brisk walking, push up, squatting  and some other related exercise can cure or control these health condition. best health benefits of Exercise

6.Exercise promotes better Rest:

Rest is another form of exercise behind the scene. if you feel weak and disturbed, and cannot find a good night rest, then you are missing the silent pain killer that can cure disturbing night sleep. When you engage in continuous exercise you will find sleep easily where it lies. when your muscles is boosted, it will definitely need to relax. so after exercise just sit for 10 to 12 minute, and i assure that sleep will sweep you off your feet. adequate exercise promotes better sleep.

7.Exercise controls your weight:

Do you want to be fit? do you want to look sexy like some youth with the 6 packs, flat tummy, good walking posture, and when ever you put on your T-shirt people look at you like WAOO…what a nice T-shirt, its not the shirt my dear its the way your body fits into the shirt. so when you do regular exercise and make it a routine you will definitely burns calories and fat and that will lead you to having a good better body shape.

8.Exercise bring back  your sex life: Are you the one that when ever you come out of the place, you cant go inside again? Or you must take some Viagra or pills to be able to get inside again? If you are the one then you must need intense exercise. So there will be permission for your blood to flow through  all the part of your body without hiding anywhere. so now another best health benefit of exercise is that it surprisingly bring back your sex life. How can exercise bring back your sex life? Its easy as cake.

All you need is just dedication and commitment to exercise. Here are some exercise that will strengthen you during love making. Which are push up, dead lift, squatting and jogging. All theses exercise function with the part of body that need blood the most during intimacy.

9.Exercise can be fun and can make you social and improve self esteem:

Well that should be another advantage of exercise, it makes you social, you will be able to mix up with your peer group. sometimes it feels that you cant just link up with them. But exercise will give you the confident to be able to socialize with your friends. And as time goes on you will feel more social and free with your friends. Engaging in these exercise at all time can even make you to become a coach. You will now have more confidence and you will be more social.

10.Exercise boost and charge your brains:

Exercise increase heart rate which pump more oxygen to the part of the brain that needs it. it helps the release of some hormones that create friendly environment for the growth of brain cell. so the more you exercise daily the more your brain cell gets healthy.

This is another best health benefits of exercise that should not be ignored. When you have a healthy brain cells, you will be able to think well, read and understand well. Because your mind is at rest and your brain is functioning well. The brain is just like the battery in a car. When you charge it works well, and when the battery is going low, the performance reduce. best health benefits of Exercise

11.It takes your mind off masturbation:

Why is exercise a health benefit for masturbations? For those of you that after work, you just hit the XXX and you are finding a way of doing away with it. Then you are in the right place. There are disadvantages of masturbation which you know apart from it being sinful, has some impact on your sex life. it can get you moody, when you are in the mood and people are around you. It weakens your sex life. These is another health benefit of exercise that should be put into consideration.

When you exercise the urge for masturbation will dead automatically, because you have used all your strength in performing exercise, so when the urge comes. Get up and hit the GYM and I assure you that there is not gonna be any urge.

An article Written by Ibrahim Yusuf Henry



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