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Teaching about Adultery, and how to abstain from it

God want his people to keep the sexual side of their nature untainted from sin. Thus the Bible warns against such sexual sin as Adultery. In (leviticus 20:10), ” if a man commits adultery with his neighbour wife, both the man and the woman who have commited adultery must be put to death”. Incest sex with animal, prostitution,  homosexuality, fornication and sexual immoral behaviour, e.g  (masturbation), although masturbation was not mentioned in the bible. But it falls under sexual immorality,  with even filthy talks and obscenity.  When you keep practicing  all these serious sin, it exclude one from the kingdom of God. But we all know that God is a merciful God and He does save and sanctify repentant people, who know they are guilty of such act. It is not only a sinful act that God prohibits, He also prohibit lust and sexual impure thoughts

How to Abstain from sexual immorality

The two most important ways to guide against sexual immorality are

1. Self control ( one aspect of the fruit of the spirit). You have to learn how to exercise self control because it is one of the fruit of the spirit. According to (Proverb  24 vrs 25), “A person without self control is like a city with broken down walls”. When one exhibit self control, you will be able to abstain from all immoral act. There are ways and how to control yourself to abstain from sexual immoral act.

Teaching about Adultery, and how to abstain from it

a. Clear the thought of any immoral image and focus more on your day to day activities.

b.When the urge of any sexual imoral act start to set in, take a walk or do some intense exercise.

c.Keep the feeling in mind that sexual immorality is a sin, and its not matured to engage in it.

d. Always pray to God for divine intervention.

e. Go to church, speak to pastor and go for counseling.

Teaching about Adultery, and how to abstain from it

f. Abstain from Pornography, or any related movie with an act or even little of porn or nude.

With all of these, one will start having self control. Then try to engage your brain in more of things of the lord and exercise

2. Cultivation of faithfulness in marraige relationship

Self control controls everything. If you have attained it, then you are on the right path to your successful marriage life. Try to cultivate faithfulness in your marriage, so that adultery and immoral act will not come knocking at your door. You and your spouse should know the dangers of not being faithfull and the repercussion. One more thing to note down, Unfaithfulness doesn’t just happen,it is the result of so many decision over time

a. Draw near to God

Draw near to God so that your relationship can grow with time. The responsibility is for you to “come closer” to God. How can you achieve that? Meditate on his word day and night, with regular prayer. It may not but be easy but it worth it.

b. Draw near to your spouse

After God  the next available person is your spouse, draw he/ she closer to you and love unconditionally. You can get some books or do some research on how to love your wife/ Husband unconditionally. Some practically wisdom will be attained which will help you maximize closness in your marraige. And i bet you, you will be free from Adultery.

c. Take responsibility for what you do and where you go

Sin is a choice. In (Romans 13 vrs 14), “Rather, clothe yorselves with the lord Jesus Christ, and do not think about how to gratify the desires of the flesh.” The flesh Lust, and the more you hive it chance the more exposed it becomes. Just lik the saying ” When you are given a step, you take a mile”. So that is the flesh for you.

So for a faithful marraige and to avoid Adultery, know where you go and what you do.

*dont give smiley face to men/women either on the street or at your working place. I did not say you should frown your should, reduce how you give attention to the opposite sex.

* Abstain from Alcohol or any mind altering drugs. This can mislead you and create sex urge and before you know it, you on the act.

* Stay away from clubbing, its unGodly.

d. Your thought life matters alot.

Thinking is powerful. I hope you know that thought lead to action, and if you dont have self control one will lose guard. Let be truthful and keep it real. Men think about sex alot. Its not their fault, that was the way God designed them. That is just the way they are. And that is a very good thing because that is God’s instruction on that path. God built the wiring, but we are responsible for the electricity ( self control). Because you must be able to control the on and off button when it comes to sexual thought to avoid adultery. “Submit yourself,  therefore to God. Resist the Devil and he will flee away from you. (James 4 vrs 7)

e. Make love often with your spouse

Yes! Make love often and at all time you find yourself in the action. God loves it  because it takes your mind off Adultery or sexually immoral act. Hod has made everything neccessary for a nice and wonderful marraige life. Satisfy your man and woman do not deny your husband sex. With all these i guarantee you an Adultery free marraige.

By Ibrahim Yusuf Henry

Teaching about Adultery, and how to abstain from it


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