Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

By Ibrahim Yusuf Henry

Is it true that God speaks? I hear pastors and people says God speak to them. I now asked myself but why hasn’t God spoken to me, or does He really speaks,? That was a question that is very hard for most people to answer. But i felt INSTINCTS was a little echo of God’s voice. But am going to explain to you my own best understanding of God speaking with individuals, and i will give refrence to some prominent men in the Bible either in money, faith or patience who God has spoken to. Atleast, we all know this people because their names was just to pronounced….

Jesus…New and old tastement

Adam and Eve…old tastement

Abraham …….Old tastement

Moses……..Old tastement

Job…….Old testament

So people will know its about Faith and Religion
The Holy Bible

Everyone knows that God actually spoke to these people.

So how to know when God is talking to you,  steps to follow and what to do for you to be able to hears when God speaks.

1.God speaks through dreams, when you go through some challenges in the real life world, God can use dreams to talk to you and even give you solutions to your challenges.

2.God can use an old man or woman to speak to you, God can digusie and speak to you as an old Man or Old Woman, or even a kid. So when that person just tells you something related to what you are facing in life, just know that God is talking to you

3.God can use your parent, they are normally called our Guardian Angel, sometimes your parent will keep ringing some kind of advices into your brain, just know that God is using them, its the Voice of God.

4.God can use your friends, you can have good and bad friends, but God can use either of them. When a bad friends gives you an advice  you should know that God is in them

5. God can speak inside your thought, if you are very silent and observant, you will hear him when he speaks, with some calming peace of mind when he speaks, when something like that happens, just know that God has just spoken to you.

But with all the listed above, there are things you must do to be able to hear the real voice of God.

*Draw closer to God, when you draw closer to him his voice becomes clearer in your head

*Listen more and talk less, When you listen more, you tend to hear when God speaks

*Meditate on his words day and night, so you will have more access to ask him question. And with these you get to hear Gods voice whenever he talks, even if there are voices in your head

*Think before you jump into conclusions, Sometimes, God leaves you alone to think, so that you can come to him with your final thought.


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